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A wholly owned subsidiary of Meat & Livestock Australia, the Integrity Systems Company (ISC) is responsible for delivering the red meat industry’s on-farm assurance and through-chain traceability programs. These are the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program, and the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) which together make up Australia’s red meat integrity system.

These programs are connected through LPA National Vendor Declarations (LPA NVDs), which link on-farm assurance to livestock traceability. This makes LPA NVDs the legal document guaranteeing the quality, safety and traceability of Australian red meat products.

The ISC is also responsible for the development and delivery of the Digital Value Chain Strategy which will ensure the Australian red meat industry can make better use of existing and new data. The strategy will deliver improved feedback systems for producers including Livestock Data Link (LDL), along with conducting research and development that seeks to find the best digital technology and database management systems that will strengthen our integrity systems over time.

ISC’s mission is to grow red meat value chain opportunities through integrity and information systems innovation. It is essential to enhance our systems and technologies to stay ahead of our global competitors, maintain our point of difference, and enable Australia’s red meat industry to capture price premiums from consumers and customers who are willing to pay more for higher levels of product assurance.

To find out more about Integrity Systems Company visit www.integritysystems.com.au